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Why do people watch video online? A video streaming platform has more data, according to new research

Why do people watch video online? A video streaming platform has more data, according to new research

A streaming platform, Twitch, says it has more than 2.5 million video streams, which is more than double what the company originally promised.

According to the research company, the average Twitch streamer now streams more than a million hours per month, or nearly two million hours of video every day.

Twitch’s new stream data is being analyzed by the streaming platform to better understand what kind of content people are watching.

According the company, it has a dedicated team of more than 1,000 video editors, producers, and researchers working to make sure that the data Twitch collects is accurate.

Twitch also says that more than 90 percent of the videos on its platform are produced with people like you, with more than 3 million people using the service to watch video content every day, according the company.

“There’s not a lot of video that is created by humans,” Twitch CEO Patrick Klepek told Mashable.

“That is the first reason why we created Twitch.

People are watching things that they are passionate about, and they’re really excited about it, and it’s what they really want to see, which makes it really exciting.”

Twitch started out as a hobby for a group of friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We were like, ‘We can’t just make a video game and get money off of it,'” Klepeks wife, Emily, told Mash.

“The idea was to get a video-game-like experience, but it was just us and a couple of friends that made it happen.”

But after they launched Twitch, they quickly realized they had to get more people involved.

In addition to making Twitch videos, they created content on their platform that allowed users to upload videos of themselves playing video games or movies.

For instance, one of the first videos uploaded by users in May, featured a man playing a video of himself dancing.

The company has also expanded its reach with a series of YouTube-like video apps for people to upload their own content.

“What we’ve seen is, people want to watch other people play video games,” Klepeke said.

“They want to play video game music videos, and we see a lot more video games and music videos being uploaded on YouTube than we’ve ever seen before.

We have a really good idea of what people want from their video-streaming experiences, and that’s why we want to continue to evolve our product.”

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