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Which Countries are Increasing Traffic to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter?

Which Countries are Increasing Traffic to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter?

China has seen its traffic increase by over 300% in the last 3 months, according to data from Chinese internet company Baidu.

This has been accompanied by a huge increase in traffic from the United States.

China’s total internet traffic has increased by more than 1,400% in just the last two years.

The US has seen a similar rise. 

In fact, US internet traffic increased by 1,800% in that same time period. 

This is significant as the US government recently approved new restrictions on YouTube.

In a recent ruling, the US Commerce Department warned YouTube and Facebook that they could be banned from the internet if they do not comply with the new rules. 

“If a company is not willing to change their policies, or does not comply, it may be subject to the threat of enforcement action,” the Commerce Department stated. 

The US also recently announced new regulations to curb online harassment, which could lead to more censorship. 

China has a history of censoring the internet.

The country’s internet censorship system was once called “Great Firewall,” and was responsible for shutting down many foreign websites in the years following World War II. 

Recently, the country’s government has taken a more moderate stance towards the internet, and allowed more sites to thrive. 

According to a recent report by Google, the number of search engine results in China has increased since 2017. 

Google has estimated that the increase in Google results for the past few months was driven by a rise in searches for “China internet crackdown,” as well as the increased number of foreign searches on the site. 

As the internet in China continues to grow and more countries follow suit, the internet’s ability to grow exponentially and become the new global standard for social media is inevitable. 

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