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Which websites are most likely to get more traffic than others?

Which websites are most likely to get more traffic than others?

The biggest increase in traffic for most of the top 10 domains was for “social media”, according to a new study by Google.

The results are the latest to show that the number of people visiting Google’s social network has risen dramatically in recent years.

The study, by Google’s advertising technology group AdSense, found that social media traffic rose by 6.5 per cent from September 2015 to September 2016, an increase of nearly 8 per cent on the previous year.

It also showed that “top-performing social media sites” were “increasing their traffic” by nearly 4 per cent a year.

“These findings show that Google is seeing more people interested in reading and sharing content on social media,” said Google’s senior vice president of product marketing, Andrew Bresnik.

“And it’s showing that the platform is working better than ever to deliver on what people want.”

The biggest spike in traffic was for social media, which jumped by 6 per cent in September 2015, to reach a peak of 2.3 million unique visitors per day.

That number rose to nearly 2.7 million in September 2016.

“This year, Google continues to invest in social and video capabilities that are delivering more value to advertisers, and we expect the same level of growth to continue this year,” Mr Bresnick said.

“We also believe that social content continues to be a key driver of online engagement and growth.”

The social network is the biggest platform on the web, and is used by more than 50 per cent of the world’s population.

Google has built the service to give marketers greater control over the content they are able to show users and advertisers.

But it is also the source of some of the most controversial content, which critics say gives Google a “monopoly” on the world of online advertising.

Mr Blesnik said the social network’s growth was an example of “how our business models are changing”.

The company has been criticised by some of its own advertisers, who claim it has made it harder for them to make a sale.

Mr Dolan said Google had a “strong track record of working with advertisers” to find ways to deliver better results, and was “taking a number of measures to support advertisers”.

The social media platform was one of the largest in terms of traffic during the first quarter of this year, with more than one billion unique visitors, according to Google.

In September 2015 it was the second-largest, behind Facebook.

Google also owns YouTube, and it has said that it will invest billions of dollars to help boost its own YouTube.

Google said the findings from AdSense were an example “of how we can continue to deliver great value to our advertisers”.

“In fact, we see this as a major opportunity for us,” Mr Danko said.

The data also showed a huge increase in the number, and type, of posts on social networks, particularly on Facebook, as well as the rise of news content.

“A large number of social media posts have increased in number over the last two years, and as you might expect, this growth was driven by a lot of users posting news stories, which are generally viewed by a wider audience,” Mr Hirsch said.

News content is increasingly being displayed on Facebook as a result of the social media network’s increased audience.

The company said that in the next two years it will be able to increase the size of its ads by more about 100 per cent.

The social platform was a main source of revenue for Google in 2016.

It was the number one revenue source for Google, accounting for more than a third of its revenue in 2016, and generated about 15 per cent more than the other big three internet companies, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

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