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New ad from Facebook shows how to create viral videos

New ad from Facebook shows how to create viral videos

The ad company’s new ad campaign shows how it can use Facebook ads to reach users in ways that Facebook itself can’t.

Facebook, which has made a number of targeted ads available on its platform, launched a new ad service called Adsense on Tuesday, which allows advertisers to pay for targeted traffic and ads that show up in users’ news feeds.

Adsense lets advertisers buy and sell targeted advertising on a fee-per-click basis.

The ad service, which is available on Android and iOS, lets advertisers target a group of people in a news feed, for example, and then sell ads to that group that are shown to users in their news feeds in a way that Facebook cannot.

Adsensense is aimed at advertisers who want to reach people in the same news feed who are also interested in their ads, and is available for Android and iPhone.

But Facebook’s new advertising platform also provides advertisers the option to target users based on a user’s behavior, such as who has a more active Facebook page, according to Adsense.

Ads have been a feature of Facebook’s platform for several years, and have been shown to increase the amount of traffic on the platform.

But the ads that Adsense shows on Facebook are different.

Ads are not shown when a user is trying to get to a specific page or when they are looking to buy something.

Instead, Adsense’s ad service is showing ads when users visit the site, like when they click on the Facebook logo in the top right corner of a page.

Ads in News Feeds on Facebook also appear in news feeds across a wide range of different sites.

But that’s not how Facebook uses the ad system it introduced last year to target ads to users.

Facebook said in its press release that its ads have become a way for Facebook to reach more people on the site and also to get a bigger share of the ad revenue generated on Facebook.

The new ads are designed to be more effective and are “targeted” ads that are not meant to be used as a marketing tool, the company said.

Facebook says that Adsensire ads are meant to show up on news feeds and to be displayed on a page or app.

Ads do not appear in the News Feed and will not appear on any other page or application, including apps that do not use Facebook as their platform, according a Facebook spokesperson.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Facebook is currently rolling out a new advertising product called News Feed Optimizer, which it says is designed to improve ad placement in News feeds.

The company says it hopes to have News Feed optimization enabled in all of its apps and on all platforms by the end of the year.

Facebook’s latest ad campaign for Adsense uses a series of images that show the ads on a news post that is shown in users feeds, according.

Ads show up more prominently in news stories than they do in ads, as users are more likely to see them, and are shown in a different way than ads that appear in ads.

The campaign shows ads that look similar to ads that have been previously shown on Facebook, but it is designed more to show people what Adsense is able to do.

Facebook and Adsense have been working together to promote the new Adsense service on its platforms for the last year.

The two companies recently began working together on a new product called Adsign, which will let advertisers create ads in their own news feeds, with more targeted content and more features, according Facebook.

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