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How the ‘biggest, most valuable, most-viewed’ websites on the web are changing, according to Alexa data 2017

How the ‘biggest, most valuable, most-viewed’ websites on the web are changing, according to Alexa data 2017

By the end of this year, Alexa estimates that a whopping 51 percent of the websites in the United States will be powered by artificial intelligence.

And by 2021, that figure will likely be up to 80 percent, says Alexa.

And what’s going on with that?

The most obvious reason is that Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and other big players have all been ramping up AI and deep learning in their search and data-processing pipelines.

Google, for example, just announced it’s making AI smarter by using deep neural networks to analyze images and text, while Apple has been building artificial intelligence into its Siri assistant, and Amazon is using its Alexa-powered voice-controlled Echo to help people control their homes.

All of these companies have been using artificial intelligence for years, but Alexa’s data-analyzing capabilities are especially helpful for marketers looking to find the best content on the internet, particularly for businesses that want to get noticed and reach a wider audience.

It’s a strategy that’s been gaining momentum since the advent of the web in the 1990s, when it first emerged as a tool for aggregating and cataloging content.

And with the rise of social media, artificial intelligence has come to be seen as a more useful tool for targeting, building loyalty and monetizing the most popular content on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Today, the tools and technologies used by these giants are being used in a wide range of different contexts.

It used to be that only large tech companies were using machine learning for these types of tasks, but now there are startups and academic researchers using AI to build their own deep learning frameworks to solve problems and deliver better results.

And in the future, we may see a lot more companies turning to these frameworks to build products like video conferencing and mapping, and even self-driving cars.

The other major use for these tools is in search, where Alexa’s new ranking system is helping search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Google Plus find the top results.

So the idea is to make sure that content is always in the top five results when you type in the query, rather than the bottom five or even the top 10.

And that can help marketers get their content seen faster and be more relevant to a wider, more engaged audience.

So what’s the bottom line?

Alexa’s research is showing that the rise in the use of AI and machine learning by major internet companies will continue, as it’s a tool that can really help your business be noticed.

But as the new year draws to a close, expect to see more and more companies investing in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep neural nets, and we’ll be watching to see what happens next.

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