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How to increase youtube traffic and traffic on your blog

How to increase youtube traffic and traffic on your blog

A few years ago, I began experimenting with increasing traffic and search visibility on my blog.

I used to post daily updates on my new-found popularity and see a steady increase in traffic.

I would often post a few hundred views a day on a few blogs and see that my site would go viral within hours of being published.

I was getting a steady stream of visitors to my blog, but was not seeing any results in the traffic rankings.

Since then, I have used various techniques to increase the visibility of my blog to improve search engine rankings.

I began blogging about things I had recently learned, like how to cook with garlic, how to get the best bang for your buck on a meal, or how to maximize the health benefits of a recipe.

Today, I’m excited to share with you how I increased traffic and content on my blogs using my newest addition, YouTube.

When you have millions of people on your site and you have access to the world’s largest video platform, YouTube, there is a certain amount of leverage you can take to increase your audience.

For example, if you are writing about food and nutrition, you might be able to increase viewers with content about healthy eating.

Alternatively, if your content is about the world of art and design, you can create a viral video about the latest fashion trends and get thousands of views.

In this article, I will show you how to increase video traffic and the number of visitors on your blogs by increasing YouTube traffic.


Find out what kind of traffic your blog is getting and increase it using search engine optimization methods.

If your blog posts about cooking, nutrition, or fashion, it is important to know what kind you are getting.

Google will search for a keyword in the title and then rank the page based on the number and type of searches it receives.

To find out if your traffic is growing or declining, you will need to look at Google Trends, or search engine analytics.


Create a YouTube channel that will help your traffic increase.

This is a new tool that YouTube introduced last year.

You will need an account to use YouTube, so make sure to get one.

YouTube is a powerful tool for increasing traffic, but there are some things you can do to increase it.

First, find out what kinds of traffic you have.


Add more videos to your YouTube channel.

Add new videos to a channel by uploading new videos from your other blogs, or adding new videos.

You can also share new videos with your audience and add links to them.


Share your YouTube video on social media channels and forums.

Many popular YouTube channels have thousands of subscribers and can help increase your traffic.

You might also find a lot of traffic from these forums.

Find a few popular forums to start with, and add new ones to get traffic.


Create an affiliate program.

As mentioned above, YouTube has a tool for creating affiliate programs.

The most popular of these is called AdSense, and it is a way to earn money from your video.

There are many other popular YouTube affiliate programs, such as AdSense for Publishers, AdSense with a Free View in iTunes

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