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How to get more traffic to podcasts

How to get more traffic to podcasts

The podcast traffic on your mobile device has increased in recent months, with more than 1 million downloads of podcasts and 2.6 million unique visitors to podcasting sites like iTunes.

According to data compiled by Statista, the podcast traffic growth has been attributed to the popularity of the iOS App Store, with downloads up by almost 50 per cent since April last year.

This month, the iOS app has been downloaded more than 11.6 billion times, according to Statista.

This figure includes over 10 billion downloads of the Apple Podcasts app on the App Store.

This increase is attributed to Apple’s efforts to improve the quality of its podcasts, which has seen more than 5,000 new podcast titles released each month since the App store launched.

Statista also found that downloads of iOS podcasts were up more than 30 per cent on the same period last year, which is the highest growth since September last year when downloads were at 1.8 billion.

This data shows that the app is getting the traffic it needs to continue to grow, and Statista believes the iTunes app will be the main driver for podcasting traffic in the coming months.”iOS is clearly the number one destination for the iOS Podcasts App,” said Rhett Tinsley, Head of Content at Statista in a statement.

“As the app has grown to include over 10 million downloads in just the last six months, it’s clear that the audience for podcasts is increasingly converging around it.”

Apple is clearly focusing on building a platform that is the right fit for its core audience, and we expect that this growth will continue in the years ahead.

“The app was recently added to iTunes App Store for iPad, and is available for download on both the iPad and iPhone.

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