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CNN: “Ferguson is the most dangerous city in America”

CNN: “Ferguson is the most dangerous city in America”

CNN’s New Day is taking a close look at the state of Ferguson, Missouri, which has seen the most recent unrest.

On Wednesday, CNN’s Brian Stelter reported that the city had become the most violent city in the country, with nearly 3,500 shootings.

Stelters analysis led to several questions: Did Ferguson actually rise in violence over the last three months?

Did Stelting’s numbers really change?

And how would Stelted’s numbers compare to what we’ve seen nationally? 

Stelter began by asking the question of how Stelts numbers changed.

“We have a lot of data on how many guns have been brought into the city over the past month,” he said.

“And we also have data on the percentage of the population that has a firearm.” 

The data showed that Ferguson had more guns than other large cities, but Stelzer was unsure of which guns came from where and why. 

“We’ve never seen this much of a spike in violence in a place where the gun is being sold as often as it is in places like Las Vegas and Chicago,” Stelinger said. 

Stellters analysis also showed that gun purchases increased in the past few weeks.

The number of sales in Ferguson rose to 4,400 in the last week of February. 

He added that the increased availability of guns also contributed to the increase in violence.

“What we’re seeing in Ferguson is a lot more guns being brought into Ferguson,” Stellers report said.

Stlter then asked about the number of people shot. “

They have a strategy of having as many guns as possible and that’s not helping.” 

Stlter then asked about the number of people shot.

“There were a lot fewer people shot this past weekend than we had last weekend,” he explained. 

The police did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment. 

This story has been updated. 

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