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More than 3 million YouTube users have increased their video views from last month

More than 3 million YouTube users have increased their video views from last month

More than three million YouTube subscribers have seen a rise in their views, according to a new report from the firm.

The report by the research firm Digital Trends found that more than 4 million people saw a rise of at least 5.5 per cent in their videos during the week of April 19-21.

“These are a small number of people, and the number of views that are increasing is quite impressive,” says Digital Trends research manager and former YouTube CEO John Mueller.

“The most dramatic rise in views is seen in the top 50 channels that have more than 1 million views.”

This is the first time YouTube has broken its own record for monthly views.

Last year, the company recorded more than 12.5 million views.

“This is a massive number of new people seeing videos on YouTube and seeing it on YouTube is a big deal for the platform,” Mr Mueller says.

“We have a ton of content and we want to make sure we’re delivering the right content to the right people and delivering the content the right way.”

YouTube is using a data-driven algorithm called “video measurement”, which tries to keep the number and quality of views consistent across all of its content.

While this approach may be popular, it is not without its critics.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty around the algorithm,” Mr Muller says.”[The algorithm] has a lot to do with the number [of views] and the quality of the content.”

And if there are lots of views and lots of people liking a video, that’s not a good thing.

“Mr Mueller says YouTube’s algorithm has been in place for a while.”

YouTube is a very data-intensive system.””

It has to be a lot more transparent and a lot simpler to understand.”

YouTube is a very data-intensive system.

“While the platform has had a lot on its plate in the last few years, it still relies on an algorithm that is highly reliant on data from third-party analytics firms like BuzzSumo and Quantcast.”

So the big question is: is this really a good metric for YouTube’s growth?

And are we actually making progress in that metric?,” Mr von Mierau says.

The rise in YouTube views is a good example of the growth in the channel, but it also highlights the need for YouTube to focus more on advertising and content, he says: “I think YouTube has to get more interested in that, not less.”

The company is also working on improving the way it views videos and has been experimenting with a new ad-free mode.

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