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Increase traffic bots will ‘add up’ to a $1.5 billion hit, but ‘do not cause any major damage’

Increase traffic bots will ‘add up’ to a $1.5 billion hit, but ‘do not cause any major damage’

On Wednesday, CNNMoney published a story titled “Increase traffic bots may not be good for business.”

That’s because they increase traffic and they can’t be trusted, the news outlet wrote.

“When bots increase traffic to a website, it is generally the website’s users who are the most likely to engage with the content,” CNNMoney said.

“So, if the bots increase the traffic of a site to increase the overall traffic, that’s going to cause an increase in the overall value of that site.”

Read moreCNNMoney reported that in the United States, bots are responsible for up to $1 billion in revenue, but that “do not lead to significant damage.”

“In fact, it can cause a significant reduction in the number of people who visit a website,” CNN Money said.

The company cited a recent study that looked at the effect of a bot on a website.

In that study, researchers from the University of Illinois found that bots “increased page views by 50% and increased the number people who click on a single link by 60%.

This increase in click-through rates was nearly three times as significant as the increase in revenue.”

However, CNN Money noted that the study did not consider the effect on the website itself, which may have led to the report’s findings.

In the study, the researchers found that a website that used a bot only increased traffic by 4% compared to the site that did not use a bot.

The study found that “a bot on the site increased traffic in the order of 10% over the course of a month.”CNN Money said that it’s important to remember that bots aren’t harmful to users, but instead just increase the chances of someone seeing a click-bait article.

“The bots are designed to help websites with high traffic and traffic that they can monetize with ads,” the news site said.

“But in the case of this one bot, the site was never in a situation where it could be monetized with ads.”

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