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How to use the Twitter app in a pinch

How to use the Twitter app in a pinch

Uber has announced a new feature which makes it easy for its users to share their tweets with their followers.

Uber has introduced a new “Twitter” tab, which can be accessed via the app’s settings page.

It is accessed by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting the “Twitter account” option.

Users can then add their Twitter account to their list of friends, and share the tweets they’ve shared with them.

In addition, the new tab allows users to create “tweets of the day”, and automatically show the most popular tweets of the same day.

The new tab is available to users who are logged into their Uber account, but is accessible from any app, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

“With the new Twitter tab, you can easily share your tweets with friends and followers,” Uber wrote in a blog post.

“We’ve also made it easier to create a hashtag for each tweet you share, so you can quickly find the most shared of tweets.”

Twitter has been criticised for its “slowness” to respond to users’ tweets, which in turn has made it a target for abuse.

Uber said the new feature would improve its responsiveness and ease of use.

Uber is the latest in a number of tech companies to roll out new features to its app.

Last week, Twitter added a “Tweets” section to its website, allowing users to add their tweets to a “TWEET OF THE DAY” section.

And last month, Twitter launched a new app called “Tweet of the Day”, which allows users and their friends to tweet about the same topic, with up to 10 replies.

Uber says the new app will work with its existing users, as well as “tens of thousands” of users.

Uber’s new “Tweeps of the Days” feature will work across the Uber app, Uber’s own app, and on Twitter’s own website.

“Twitter will also automatically show tweets of a similar nature to other tweets, with the most tweeted tweets at the top,” Uber said.

Uber users can also add new “tweet of the days” and “trends” to their “troll” list, allowing them to see the latest trending topics in their feed.

“Our goal is to give our customers the most engaging and engaging experiences on Twitter,” Uber added.

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